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Taylor Reese was one of the “founding members” of the Writers’ Guild of WNC.  See his books at

How do you classify yourself as a writer?  Fiction or non-fiction?

Non-fiction.  I’ve written two books of humor, two memoirs, one book of poetry, and have two books of almanac lore co-written with Jack R. Pyle.  They are “Raising with the Moon” and “You and the Man in the Moon.”  Much earlier, when I was a little more than a teen-ager, I was able to get a few short humor pieces in several magazines.

How long have you been writing or how long have you been writing for publication?

Well, a long time if you count those teen-age years, but for all practical purposes the writing began in earnest after I retired from Court Reporting.  Maybe you could say I got tired of reading other people’s words and decided to write some of my own.

Besides “writer” what else are you?  What is your day job?

As I said, I am a retired court reporter, a career of more than 31 active years.  Along the way I was president of the Florida Shorthand Reporters Association and  the National Court Reporters Association.  I owned my own firm, a firm in Miami, and it continues today, still bearing the name Taylor Reese & Associates.

Any family influences?  Memoirs in the making?

Yes, they were an influence, as was the times I lived in, and my part of the rural South.  I am a veteran of WWII, so it was all of those influences rather than one of them that I told of in “From Hear to There – a Boy’s Tale” and “A Picture of the Past.”

Any teachers who influenced you, encouraged you or discouraged you?

Yes, of course.  Who doesn’t have a favorite teacher or one that demanded that you be more than someone to answer the Roll?  They were encouraging.  And they are all, on reflection, great memories.

How do you market–or do you market your work?

At the moment I am not doing much.  But, I do spend a  lot of time traveling and doing book signings in various states. The two of us, Jack Pyle and I, have been accused of setting up a table of books any time we see three or more people in a cluster.

Would your mother be proud of what you write?

She is no longer with us, but I am sure she would be.  My kind of writing, moon lore and memories, does not approach some of the strange stuff that’s out there today.  She wouldn’t approve of the deliberately vulgar, but I don’t think I could write it anyway.

Have you bought an e-reader?


What are you working on now? 

I have nothing in the works right now.  Let’s say I’m on a well-deserved sabbatical.

Here are my book titles:

    HUMOR  Is Where You Find It – Look No Further

    HUMOR  and A Little Bit More

    From Here To There – A Boy’s Tale

    A Glimpse At Life – A Collection of Poetry

    A Picture of the Past

    You and the Man in the Moon

    Raising With the Moon


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