High and loving it

Stoned again

Yesterday morning, while I was eating breakfast and watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament, my wife was busy doling out catnip to our two calicos, Cassie and Callie.  First, Becky sprinkled some on the kitchen floor next to each feline, and after each had gobbled her share, she spread a bit more on the dining room carpet.  With swishing tails and twitching whiskers, both cats immediately rushed over and greedily licked up the intoxicating morsels, watching each other warily lest one get any of the other’s allotted share.  Once they had consumed the catnip, they lay on their sides like furry zombies—they were sated, content.

At peace on the river

At peace on the river

For me, the same degree of contentment can be achieved on a trout stream.  All the elements of nature—the balmy air, the gently flowing water, the emerging may flies, the slurping trout—combine to mesmerize and calm me, leaving me totally at ease.  I’ve been fly fishing for over forty years, and in all that time, nothing quite matches the level of contentment I find in that endeavor.

What brings you to nirvana, that state of awareness where nothing can disturb you, when you are totally content?  Is it working in your garden, or curling up with a good book?  Is there a special activity that provides you with that inner peace so necessary for survival in today’s complex and compelling world?  Won’t you share your thoughts with the readers?  Perhaps you have a secret way of finding contentment that will inspire others. We’d love to know.

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